Adopting DevOps

Adopting DevOps

What is it? 

Many companies are looking to adopt DevOps due to the increased agility of IT service delivery it enables them to have. DevOps combines previously silo’d teams into broad cross functional teams aligned to products. DevOps teams own the delivery of the product, it’s roadmap and lifecycle from architecture through to operational support. DevOps officially turns 10 in 2018 and despite its maturity, until recently, its adoption rate has been relatively low. The increased reliance of businesses on digital technology, where rapid innovation allows them to build and maintain competitive advantage has resulted in a significant rise in interest and adoption of DevOps ways of working.

Why is it important?

  • Customers who consume IT expect it to be delivered rapidly, feature rich and stable, DevOps has become the natural approach to IT departments to adopt.
  • Ability to bring teams across Technology with different mindsets and way of working, together with new tools.
  • More innovative and efficient way. Able to deliver a product faster whilst still being able to meet quality objectives is an attractive proposition.

How iCore can help?

We use our experience of working with a wide range of organisations across multiple sectors to support you through your journey to adopt DevOps We can help you:-

  • iCore’s experienced consultants can work with you and your teams to develop a strategy and operating model
  • Enhance existing processes and ways of working required, to best meet your business needs.
  • We tailor what is needed uniquely to your company and create a plan and a roadmap to ensure you progress in a smooth iterative fashion with an emphasis on quality assurance from the outset.
  • We help provide you with the metrics that you should be measuring to track the progress of your adoption and the benefits that it is realising for your company

To find out more about how iCore can help improve the performance of your business call 0203 821 1252

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