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The latest video in our CIO roundtable series is now available to watch from our YouTube channel.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful force driving change and transformation in various industries. As organizations increasingly adopt virtual channels, AI becomes a central topic of conversation among CIOs. It’s essential for businesses to explore AI solutions to stay competitive and enhance service delivery. 

Ed Hut, the CIO of the Impellam Group, brings vast experience to this discussion, emphasizing the importance of AI in moving businesses forward.

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Operating Model

Operating Model Transformation – Readiness Assessment

Transforming an organisation’s IT operating model can be a complex and difficult process. Key to the success of an IT operating model transformation is to assess the scale of these challenges at the outset, and then to plan how they can be overcome to ensure the success of the transformation. This paper provides an insight into the transformation drivers and readiness factors, along with a suggested approach for conducting an assessment of how ready an organisation is for transformation of their operating model.

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Flexible IT Operating Models

Historically IT operating models have seen incremental change through infrequent periodic change programmes to a Target Operating Model (TOM). The speed and scale of change and business demands facing IT leadership means the IT organisation now needs to continually innovate and respond through its IT Operating Model to answer the business demands being made of it.