supermasterclass3iCore DevOps Masterclass

iCore’s first Masterclass of 2015 takes place at our new city HQ and focuses on DevOps and Continual Deployment.  We will look at how businesses are building their capability in this space and coping with the DevOps trend.  We will explore the opportunities and challenges that this brings and outline what you would need to consider in order to adopt a Continual Deployment software provisioning approach. Complete our online form to register for your Masterclass place now.
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YinYangBlueDevOps and ITIL – Blood Brothers

DevOps is now a recognised spin-off from the ‘Agile’ development world, but iCore believes DevOps must evolve further to embrace operational best practice in order to ensure that, when systems go wrong, they can be recovered as quickly as possible.
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CX iconUnderstanding the end-to-end customer experience

Developing customer journey maps offers service providers a clear direction for their delivery model. iCore believe that combining this approach with a strategic Business Service Portfolio in delivering end-to-end services ensures the increasing demands of customer are met.
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icon-cloudBusiness Service Management

Business Service Management (BSM) is a new way of looking at how the CIO and the IT organisation needs to ensure that what IT is doing is aligned with what the business needs; is delivered in a way that the business expects; and is doing so in a secure, efficient and effective manner.
iCore have had experience with several organisations in addressing these issues, and by utilising new industry frameworks and practices, iCore have developed a number of services to assist the CIO and IT department to understand the situation, identify the level of change, and then deliver that change. These offerings will drive tangible benefits into both the business and into the end to end IT service delivery.
To find out more about iCore’s BSM services then please contact info@icore-ltd.com  or 0207 464 8414.
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icon-alertFast ITSM

IT Service Management has a reputation throughout the IT industry of being an intensive undertaking requiring specialist knowledge, new software, copious amounts of human effort and significant financial outlay. Many organisations are guilty of investing in service management best practice programmes which involve extensive training in guidelines like ITIL and CMMI to build their own capability only to find that these resources are not sure ‘where to start’. All the newfound knowledge is stalled due to lack of experience, leadership and direction. iCore have developed the FAST ITSM Model exactly for these situations.
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